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  • Cancers and other diseases arise as a result of acquired gene mutations that happen over the course of a person’s lifetime. These genetic alterations may have an external cause, such as exposure to sunlight, tobacco or alcohol. However, gene mutations can also be random events that sometimes happen within a cell, without a clear cause. Acquired genetic alterations affect cells originating from the mutation. Normal cells lacking the mutation will not be affected and acquired mutations will not be passed on to offspring. 

  • In contrast, with inherited mutations, every cell in the body is affected and the mutation may be passed on to next generations.

  • Inherited genetic mutations can increase a person’s risk of developing cancer and other diseases in a myriad of ways. Many mutations have already been identified through research, but there remains much to be determined. Genetic testing is performed to determine whether family members without obvious illness may have inherited the same mutation as a family member who is known to carry an associated mutation.

How We Help

The services offered by Insight DNA identify genetic predispositions to prevent disease development by utilizing cutting edge DNA Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) testing. This program appropriately delivers not only the testing opportunity, but also reports the resulting test information for qualified patient individuals and their physician providers. 

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To Your Good Health

Genetic testing provides potential benefits whether the results are positive or negative for a gene mutation. Test results provide a sense of relief from uncertainty and help people to make informed decisions about managing their health care.

Knowledge is power!

How does it work?

A simple cheek swab for qualified patients identifies genetic markers for disease predisposition.


Our Services

56 to 117 Genes are Tested in Our Proprietary Panels For:

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Who Qualifies?

Medicare patients with qualifying health conditions and insurance plans, such as Medicare Advantage PPOs, and specific Medicare Supplements such as Plan F or Plan G may qualify at NO COST TO THE PATIENT, AND NO MEDICARE OR INSURANCE BILLING FOR PHYSICIANS OR PHARMACIES. CMS also requires that specific medical history criteria be met to qualify for the program, so we do collect historical information. 

DNA screening  is not a diagnosis. It identifies genetic markers of predisposition for specific diseases, so that patients, patient descendants AND their healthcare providers may implement specific preventive care.

Additionally, physicians are now utilizing our CMS compliant program in their offices. Our program gives them access to patient laboratory information previously unavailable (due to high cost and unavailability of CMS certified lab providers) and genetic counseling via our board-certified genomic physicians (eliminating additional referrals). Physicians understand the importance of this program and the information it provides for their patients’ care. They also understand the importance of having legitimate avenues for patients to get this testing. 


With legitimate testing made available through trusted sources like licensed insurance agents, physician offices, home health professionals and pharmacies, scammer activity can be diminished. Patients and their healthcare providers will have information for preventative care, and patients will indeed live longer lives.

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